Venez rencontrer Jouve au Frankfurt Book Fair, du 19 au 23 octobre

Jouve sera présent à la Foire du Livre de Francfort au Hall 4.2, stand H1, du 19 au 23 octobre 2016.

Cette année, nous animerons 4 présentations en anglais :

  • Content Creation Outsourcing– 10/19 - 01.30-02.00 - Hotspot Publishing Services (Hall 4.0 J35)

When pressure on international teams becomes higher to keep up with the demand, outsourcing of publishing services and project management could be the right solution for you. We will share our experience and best practices for creating high quality and cost effective materials in the educational field.

  • How to efficiently produce multi-format content? – 10/20 – 11.00-11.30 - Hotspot Digital Innovation (Hall 6.2 D71)

Given the rapid evolution of reading behavior and the growing expectation of the readers to have access to their content on any device, the ability to create content efficiently for an easy omni-channel distribution and consumption becomes a key differentiator. Come and discover professional tools to address efficient production of your publications across the whole format span!

  • How is Social Reading important for today's publishers? – 10/20 – 02.00-02.30 - Hotspot Education (Hall 4.2 C96)

Social reading refers to everything that surrounds reading electronic books and sharing your experience. In the educational field, classmates can remotely help each other outside the classroom. This feature enables teachers to run flipped classroom from a standard textbook. Eventually, it’s a unique way for publishers to get critical information on how their publications are used and perceived.

  • Typesetting is an art, yet algorithms are good at it! – 10/20 – 03.30-04.00 - Hotspot Professional & Scientific Information (Hall 4.2 N99)

Automated typesettingis a no brainer for simple publications. But when your content becomes more complex, conventional typesetting is the only answer, increasing delivery times and overall pricing. Jouve has developed a powerful algorithm to handle all types of documents, with automation rates close to 100%. Come and see the demo!

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